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Underground Water Systems

underground water systemAre you looking for an efficient water storage system for your rural home, weekend cabin or remote land?

Regardless of your location, there are numerous reasons to have an underground water system on your property. If not for yourself and your home, then for the local fire department so they have a dedicated water source in the event of a fire. Underground water systems provide numerous benefits at a reasonable cost.

FreeWater Systems exclusively manufactures and sells American-made underground water systems direct to consumers, developers and installers.

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What are Underground Water Systems?

At the center of any underground water system is one or more tanks, that collect, store and preserve water under ground, away from the elements. This means that underground water systems consume none of your working land space or detract from the view on your property!

Perhaps the system will be your main source of water for your household or your community, a supplement for irrigation or simply there to provide an abundance of water in case of emergency.

Many of these modern tanks are filled with rainwater that is captured during showers and storms creating a sustainable and free source of water.

The most common uses of an underground water systems are basic water storage, rainwater capture, fire cisterns and potable water storage—especially for properties unable or unwilling to hook up to city utilities.

The Benefits of Underground Water Systems

These uses all translate into a number of benefits that homeowners can enjoy. For starters, the lack of dependence on city water saves a significant amount of money every month by reducing or eliminating utility costs. The environmental benefits are numerous as well. Depending on a natural source of water doesn’t put any strain on the ecosystems and the environment around you. Here are some additional benefits of these underground systems:

  •     They don’t take up any space, you can install them under lawns or driveways.
  •     Aesthetically, they are non-existent since they are underground.
  •     Underground water is safe from vandalism and tampering.
  •     They aren’t in danger during hurricanes or natural disasters and can be used in the aftermath if city water is down.

Why Free Water Systems?

water system undergroundFreeWater Systems is your complete provider of rain capture equipment in North America. We provide polyethylene storage tanks and all of the accessories necessary to complete your rain capture and distribution system. FreeWater Systems can help you achieve the optimal solution for your rain capture storage. Contact us today for information and pricing.

Our patented OcTank is designed to last not fifteen years (like concrete tanks), but fifty!

We’ve already been supplying customers across the United States and in the Caribbean since 1994 and the popularity of these reliable and durable tanks is only growing with time.

Unlike concrete water tanks, ours are fully compatible with various accessories and tools that make your life easier and your water safer. We manufacture pre-assembled kits that are shipped to you ready for turnkey installation. Everything from rainwater capture systems to fire cisterns, we have it all ready and waiting for you.

As with anything, saving money is important, and we recognize that here at FreeWater Systems. We also understand that you want something reliable that is worth the investment you’re making. Without a single shred of doubt, we can say that our patented OcTanks are the best polyethylene tanks on the market, made to last and keep your water safe.

FreeWater Systems exclusively manufactures and sells American made underground water systems direct to consumers, developers and installers.

Our staff will be happy to help you with a complete design and quote for your project.  All of our systems are shipped as a pre-assembled package directly to the jobsite for simple installation.

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