What can FreeWater do for you?

Self-sufficient Underground Water Systems

Underground water systems can be used for a variety of applications. They are able to store waste water, rain water, as well as potable water for drinking. These storage systems give many options for underground water storage and is perfect for communities who do not have a utility service of their own or individuals that
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Underground Water Systems for Farms

There are a number of different uses for underground water systems. Farmers are using these systems as a means to recycle water for irrigation systems. They also use the water for their livestock, crops and in some their homes if they are off the grid. There are many ways that farmers can use these systems
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Off Grid Underground Water Systems

There are many situations where there is nowhere to look but up. Sometimes you have absolutely nowhere to turn for water except for the sky. However there are many options for storing water if necessary, like in off grid underground water systems. Having an underground water system can be essential for unexpected droughts or emergencies
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