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Above Ground Water Tanks

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Water Tanks

Above ground water tanks have been around for a number of years and it doesn’t look like they’ll be going anywhere soon. In fact, the need for this type of liquid storage containment continues to grow as the need for self-contained storage increases.

This particular type of water tank is used, not only for water storage but in a number of applications including rainwater collection and storage, potable water storage and chemical storage. The units come in a wide variety of sizes, styles and price ranges and something can typically be found to suit the needs of anyone from a homeowner to an entire industry.

Benefits of Plastic Tanks

When it comes to material, polyethylene plastic continues to increase in popularity. It is especially beneficial for the construction of storage units such as the water tanks. As an above ground option, it can be an economical and reliable solution to water or chemical storage needs. Polyethylene has a great reputation when it comes to meeting and exceeding exposure to chemicals and UV rays. A lower build price and greater chemical resistance make polyethylene a cost effective option for above ground water tanks.

Variety Of Water Tanks

Tanks come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and price ranges. Sizes range from 50 gallon tanks to 3,000 gallon capacities and are adaptable to projects of any size. Options include upright tanks, cone tanks, horizontal leg tanks and rectangular tanks, a big enough variety to suit a number of needs.

From small projects requiring just a single tank to a complete multi-system unit these tanks are a practical option. Various color options are available and can be coordinated based on application and need as well.

Lighter weight tanks have a number of positive attributes that include; reducing the cost of transport, installation and removal of the units. The tanks are extremely sturdy and can easily handle the elements. Other benefits include durability, corrosion resistance and rugged construction with no joints to rust or leak.

This is a key factor when considering using above ground storage for chemicals or other hazardous storage. Closed containment options can be a safer alternative to open pit storage.

Projects can be customized based on the property owner’s needs. Tank sizes and quantities are taken into consideration based on the applicable storage the tanks are being used for. Placement is another big consideration when deciding which above ground water tanks or chemical units are needed.

A number of fittings, pumps, lids and accessories are also available to help customize and finish any job. Maintenance of the above ground tank is understandably easier than below ground units as they are more accessible.

A Good Water Tank System Can:

  • Reduce water storage costs by preventing leakage
  • Provide optimal water transfer options
  • Make a smaller environmental impact
  • Reduce soil contamination by being enclosed
  • Create a lower initial investment
  • Reduce trucking time and truck traffic
  • Reduce installation time
  • Require very little or no maintenance
  • Be moved to another location and reused if no longer needed in existing location
  • Eliminate the need for fencing or other barriers as they are self-enclosed

Above ground water tanks made of the previously mentioned durable polyethylene are suitable for the storage of chemicals, potable water or other applications. Prices are competitive and vary based on the system needed.

In conclusion, above ground tank systems are just one option for homeowners and businesses to consider when planning for their liquid storage needs. Additional considerations may include underground water tanks and rain capture tanks if these systems might be appropriate for the users needs.

FreeWater Systems is your complete provider of rain capture equipment in North America. We provide polyethylene storage tanks and all of the accessories necessary to complete your rain capture and distribution system. FreeWater Systems can help you achieve the optimal solution for your rain capture storage. Contact us today for information and pricing.


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