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Benefits of Underground Water Tanks


Water storage isn’t a concern in our daily lives for most of us. We are fortunate enough in cities and towns to have water supplied by the local government or utility service. This isn’t the case for some people living in remote areas or less populated communities. For them, water storage is of the utmost importance because they need it to survive.

Regardless of your location, there are numerous reasons to have underground water tanks in your community. If not for yourself and your home, then for the local fire department so they have a dedicated water source in the event of a fire. These water tanks are a huge benefit for a number of reasons, so let’s explore them and see why you should have one installed today.


Advantages and Uses of Water Tanks

As the name suggests, these are massive storage devices that are installed underground. They are designed not to leak, nor should they let in contaminants and insects. This tank is an isolated source of water for your household or your community if it was built as a source of water in emergencies. Many of these modern tanks are filled with rainwater that is captured during showers and storms.

These tanks have been used in both above and below ground forms throughout history. If a town or village was located in an arid climate, water tanks could be used to water crops. Medieval castles had underground water storage in the event of a siege by enemy troops. Today, there are a number of various uses for an underground tank:

  •      Water storage using rainwater capture systems
  •      Filtered options that allow the water to be used for drinking
  •      Washing clothes and dishes
  •      Taking showers and bathing
  •      A reservoir to store water or irrigation and watering gardens
  •      Fire cisterns are installed underground to provide water for fighting fires
  •      Water for crops and livestock on farms


These uses all translate into a number of benefits that homeowners can enjoy. For starters, the lack of dependence on city water saves a significant amount of money every month without the need to pay utility companies for water. The environmental benefits are numerous as well. Depending on a natural source of water doesn’t put any strain on the ecosystems and the environment around you. Here are some additional benefits of these underground systems:

  •      They don’t take up any space, you can install them under lawns or driveways.
  •      Aesthetically, they are non-existent since they are underground.
  •      Underground water is safe from vandalism and tampering.
  •      They aren’t in danger during hurricanes or natural disasters and can be used in the aftermath if city water is down.


The only real downsides to these types of tanks is the cost, which is worth it in the long run because of the lifespan they have and the money they save you on the cost of city water. The installation is simple but does require a piece of excavation equipment to properly dig a hole for the tank. Ultimately these minor setbacks aren’t anything to worry about because the investment will be return to you tenfold as time goes on.


Turnkey Solutions From FreeWater Systems

When it comes to water storage, we are the best in the business. Our story begins in 1988 when Darco Inc. began creating underground water storage systems. It started in the mountainous region of Colorado and spread once a patent was obtained on the unique tanks they created. Known as the OcTank, these polyethylene tanks are fastened together as modules into a single monolithic tank that allows for durability, longevity, and reliability.

Production on these tanks began in 1994 and over the next few years, accessories were developed to offer multiple usage and storage options for customers. Soon, there were enough options to support any kind of water storage system people would need. In 2010, FreeWater Systems LLC was created to take control of Darco Inc.’s polyethylene plant. At this point it was relocated to Lakewood, Colorado.

Since this change of hands, FreeWater Systems has been providing customer all across North America and in the Caribbean with our line of patented OcTanks. Our packages are on display through the company website. You’ll notice that each option includes all the accessories and pieces you would require to set it up. We pride ourselves in our turnkey solutions that are shipped as pre-assembled packages for our customers.

Through the website, you can contact our staff to receive a quote on your project. Everything from rainwater storage, to underground water tanks, to fire cisterns and more. We have every possible combination of water gathering and storage to meet your needs. Thanks as always for reading and be sure to tell us about your experience with the OcTank in the comments below!



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