Self-sufficient Underground Water Systems

Underground water systems can be used for a variety of applications. They are able to store waste water, rain water, as well as potable water for drinking. These storage systems give many options for underground water storage and is perfect for communities who do not have a utility service of their own or individuals that
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Underground Water Systems for Farms

There are a number of different uses for underground water systems. Farmers are using these systems as a means to recycle water for irrigation systems. They also use the water for their livestock, crops and in some their homes if they are off the grid. There are many ways that farmers can use these systems
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Off Grid Underground Water Systems

There are many situations where there is nowhere to look but up. Sometimes you have absolutely nowhere to turn for water except for the sky. However there are many options for storing water if necessary, like in off grid underground water systems. Having an underground water system can be essential for unexpected droughts or emergencies
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Underground Water Storage Systems

Underground water storage systems are used for the storage of waste water, drinking water, and underground rainwater. These storage systems provide water storage options for remote areas that do not have a typical utility service. More often than not, the water is stored in underground water tanks. These tanks are used as a separate alternative
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Design for Underground Water Tanks

Choosing a design for an underground water tank can be very confusing at first especially if you are not completely sure of your needs and your budget. There are distinct differences in underground water tank designs and specifically in the materials made to use them. Buying underground water tanks has been the trend as of
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Precast Concrete Water Tanks Can Be Costly

There are definitely some pros and cons to using precast concrete water tanks. Just as with any underground water tank there can be risks and rewards. It is our goal at Free Water Systems to make sure you are fully informed before you make a purchase which could have a significant impact on how you
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Benefits of Underground Water Tanks

Water storage isn’t a concern in our daily lives for most of us. We are fortunate enough in cities and towns to have water supplied by the local government or utility service. This isn’t the case for some people living in remote areas or less populated communities. For them, water storage is of the utmost
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Where Concrete Water Tanks Fail

Deciding on a water tank for your storage needs isn’t something to do lightly. As with anything, it’s tempting to choose something that is less expensive, which is why many people look to concrete water tanks for the answer. Unfortunately, these types of water storage solutions are not a good choice in the long-term. There are
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Applications For Underground Water Storage

We often take water for granted in our daily lives. It is in fact a commodity and a resource that is always assumed to be plentiful. This isn’t always the case, emergencies can cause us to be cut off from our water supply or it could become tainted. In addition, most people who utilize city
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Concrete Water Tanks: Pros and Cons

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  When it comes to concrete water tanks, you may be impressed by their low cost, but with anything that requires this commitment of time and money, you should carefully consider the pros and cons of such an system. We wholeheartedly support the use of water storage tanks in every household, but there are some
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