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Drinking Water Storage Tanks

  • August 1, 2014 /
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Drinking Water Storage Tanks

It’s important to have drinking water storage tanks for a variety of reasons. Regardless of whether they are underground or above ground, they need to be specifically designed for potable water. You won’t want to take the chance of contaminating water that is being stored for the purpose of drinking and therefore you have to pay attention to some of the various features.


Overall Construction

The construction is critical when you look at storage tanks designed for drinking water. You want to make sure that no substance can be introduced into the tank. This will ensure that the water is safe for drinking at any time.

A few of the features that you want to look at in regards to construction include:

  • Screened air vents
  • Covered tanks
  • Protection from rain and surface drainage
  • Corrosion-Resistance

These features are absolutely imperative because you don’t want anything getting into the water. If these features aren’t found, you could end up with bird debris, ground water, or even corrosion inside of the tank.

The idea behind these tanks is to be able to have water for the purpose of drinking without having to treat it in any way prior to allowing people to drink what is being stored.


Things You Should Know Before Buying A Water Tank

When you are looking to purchase drinking water storage tanks, you want to make sure you consider where it is going to go and how many gallons you want to store. Once the water is inside the tank, you probably aren’t going to move it, so location is absolutely critical.

You can choose underground or above ground tanks. Water storage tanks can be made of fiberglass, polyethylene or steel. Before you can choose the construction of the tank, you want to look at where it is being placed.

Whenever possible, you want to install the tanks near where the distribution system is. This is because it will require frequent pumping from the storage vessel. In the event of an emergency where power is lost, you may need an emergency power source to meet all of the pumping requirements. You don’t want to run into a situation where you are unable to pump water out to the cistern simply because you have lost power. Use gravity to your advantage whenever you can.

You do want to be sure that you buy water tanks that are designed to hold potable water. If the tank is designed for irrigation or some other kind of water, it may not be safe enough for drinking. This means you want to take the time to review the features and even explore some of the other aspects, such as instrumentation, piping, ladders, lighting and more. If you are placing the tank in an area that is prone to excessive heat or cold, you may want to install your tanks underground.


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