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How Water Storage Containers Are Environmental Lifesavers


Today, our basic needs are fulfilled by technology, but sometimes technology fails us and we’re left without something basic like food or water. We take care of the environment, and it takes care of us, to an extent. There’s always going to be gaps in the equation. That’s where water storage containers come into play.

Whether you live in the humid south of the United States, in the arid Midwest, or outside the country among the crisp waters of the Caribbean, we can all take advantage of these water tanks that will fill in the gaps while also benefiting the environment around us. Our purpose here at FreeWater Systems is to bring you not only convenience, but the peace of mind that results from knowing that your water is always going to be there, rain or shine.


The Many Types of Water Storage Tanks

Since the dawn of civilization, we have sought ways to contain and store our water. As something we need to survive, this was a high priority then, and now. Not only does a storage tank provide water for drinking, irrigation, fire suppression, chemical preparation, and food preparation, but it also benefits the environment buy collecting and repurposing rainwater that would otherwise soak into the or runoff into a storm drain somewhere.

Instead of pulling more water from aquifers or building new facilities to channel it, we are localizing the storage and taking advantage of natural resources, which is a far more efficient option.

There are many types of water tanks, including portable ones, long-term options, and emergency supplies. You may not realize it, but you probably have water tanks in your area that are used for various purposes. Let’s examine the different types of storage containers that are found in our modern world.

1. Chemical Contact Tank

This type of water storage involves water to be retained for treatment. These are usually used to chemically treat water to make it safe for drinking or consumption. While these aren’t public, they do provide a valuable resource for storing and treating water.

2. Ground Water Tank

These are the most prevalent, and the ones utilized by FreeWater Systems for all of our patented OcTank designs. Unlike other ground storage tanks, we utilize a patented system of polyethylene modules that are fastened together into a single monolithic tank. This type of construction ensures maximum strength and longevity. These types of tanks are utilized by the general public, thanks for our method of creating easy to install, turn-key solutions for all of your water storage and rainwater harvesting needs.

Before we delve more into what FreeWater Systems can do for you and your home, let’s examine the final type of water storage tank that stands out, but many of us may not even know it’s there.

3. Elevated Water Tank

These are also known as water towers, but these are essentially a method of water storage that is placed above ground as opposed to below. The shape of these creates water pressure at the base for both domestic and industrial distribution.

These can hold anywhere from fifty gallons, up to a million gallons if need be. They are used to supply water to a city or a local area, and while useful, a lot of people commonly depend on them, not to mention they take up a lot of above ground space.


Enriching Your Environment and Your Life

Capturing and storing water through the use of water storage containers is a practice as old as time, and for good reason. Not only does it provide you with a constant supply of water, no matter the circumstances, but it also takes advantage of naturally occurring resources like rain.

When we work in tandem with our environment, the synergy creates a far better solution for all of our basic needs. No longer must we rely entirely on city water and the possibility of it being cut off or temporarily disabled.

With an underground water storage system from FreeWater Systems, you can have an entire suite of water capture and storage device, all shipped to you with an ease of installation. Whether it be water for washing your clothes, or drinking water for your home, we have all of your solutions under the same banner of helping both our customers, and protecting our precious environment and our natural resources.

It’s about more than simply storing water, it’s about harvesting it and having it readily available for any and all of your needs. See how we’re changing the world across the United States and the Caribbean by visiting our website.



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