What can FreeWater do for you?

OcTank Rain Capture Systems


OcTank Rain Capture Systems by FreeWater Systems have been developed over the last fifteen years for the arid Southwest and Rocky Mountain regions of the US. Especially in these years of drought, we believe in capturing every possible drop of what mother nature blesses us with. To accomplish this, we oversize our screening and filtering capacity and forego conventional “first flush” adapters.

The following is a brief description of the components we use in our systems:

Inlet Bypass Tee Assembly: This assembly allows stormwater to bypass the entire system when the tank is already full, so we are not filtering water that is going to overflow elsewhere in the system. This simple assembly consists of a tee and elbow placed in the plumbing just before the tank that allows overflowed stormwater to run away from the system to wherever it would normally flow if the system was not there.

Clarifier Assembly: This assembly consists of an internal debris basket and filters to remove silt and debris from the incoming stormwater. Both the basket and the filters can be removed from the module above ground for easy cleaning. Additionally, there is no top connection at the top of the clarifier module to the next module in multiple-module systems. This keeps all debris, silt, and even oils from moving into the second module.

Submersible Pump: OcTank Rain Capture Systems use a bottom-suction, submersible pump with a float switch to protect the pump from a low water level condition. Since this pump is a bottom suction configuration, nearly all the water in the tank is available for pumping. This pump can be controlled by a conventional pressure system or by a typical irrigation controller.

Low-Level Float Valve: This valve, imported from Australia, is designed specifically for rain capture systems. By maintaining only a minimum water level in the lower portion of the tank, this valve insures that all collected rainwater is used before adding supplemental water from an auxiliary source.