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Off Grid Underground Water Systems


There are many situations where there is nowhere to look but up. Sometimes you have absolutely nowhere to turn for water except for the sky. However there are many options for storing water if necessary, like in off grid underground water systems. Having an underground water system can be essential for unexpected droughts or emergencies and you’ll always need safe water to drink or use for farming. Water is one element of off grid living you don’t want to leave to chance.


What’s Needed for an Off Grid Water System?

To put together an underground water system you’ll need the tank, land to put it, and some labor time to install the tank. The great thing about underground water systems is that you won’t lose any land to its installation, it will be completely underground. This also makes the water tank very secure, it won’t be exposed to the weather and you don’t have to worry about vandalism or wildlife. With our turnkey underground tank solutions you can solve all your water storage needs.

You will also need a way to transport the rainwater. When it comes down off of the roof it will go down into the piping and gutters and can’t always handle a heavy rain and safely flow it to the collection tank. Your pipes need to be at least 3-4 inches thick depending on how large your roof is and how much water you need to move. You should not need any switches, pumping, or maintenance, as this should allow the water to flow right into the collection tank.

An underground water tank is where most or all of your rainwater will be stored, especially if you are living off grid. When it is cold outside it has to be insulated to keep the water from becoming too cold or freezing and damaging the tank; another benefit of having an your water tank underground. You’ll also have to know what size tank you’ll need and what type of water tank you want.


Our Water Tanks

When it’s time to start searching for the right underground water tank to suit your needs. There are many different companies that sell these types of equipment but very rarely do they provide an excellent product and customer service. Here at Free Water Systems, we pride ourselves in bringing you the best quality water tanks in the nation at a price you can afford.

Our patented Octank System and water tank accessories provide convenience and easy installation. As your complete provider of rain capture and water storage equipment in America we provide you with the best quality polyethylene storage tanks and accessories in the country. We have had a number of satisfied customers since 1994 and have no plans of slowing down any time in the near future!

Whether you are off the grid or on the grid, we are able to provide you with the best underground water systems money can buy. Please contact today for your free consultation with no obligation to buy. Let Free Water Systems help you with your next big underground water tank project.



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