In our modern world, many of us take the water we have access to for granted. We always assume that the city water will be there every day. What happens when they have to shut it off for maintenance? What if you live off the grid in your own little slice of paradise? We all need access to clean water if we’re to live comfortably, and that’s why water tanks are such a necessity.

Regardless of where you live and the size of your family, our selection of rainwater capture and storage devices will provide you with a constant supply of usable water for any and all of your needs. In many cases, our systems will allow you the convenience and savings of not relying on city water. Join us as we examine the uses of these storage systems, and see why this decision may be right for you.


What is a Water Storage Tank and why do I Need One?

A water storage tank is designed to safely house water for later use, protecting it from contaminants and providing safe and clean water for drinking, irrigation, agriculture, fire suppression, food preparation, and more. These tanks come in a variety of sizes, types and materials. They have been used throughout history dating as far back as 3,000 BC.

Everyone from ancient civilizations to medieval castles utilized storage tanks to provide water for their people, and for their agriculture. Today, we use these tanks to provide our own homes and our communities with this vital resource. In some cases, fire cisterns are installed underground to act as a constant source of water for emergency services and for fighting fires. Here are some of the other uses for a water storage system:

  •      Water for Flushing Toilets
  •      Doing your Laundry
  •      Clean Drinking Water
  •      Keeping your plants and lawn Watered
  •      Cleaning Dishes
  •      Showers and Baths

As you can see, there are a variety of uses for such a storage device. Here at FreeWater Systems, we employ a specialized and patented type of tank that is sure to remain intact and without troublesome leaks. Let’s explore some of the options you can choose from when you purchase your water capture and storage system from our company.


Water Capture and Storage Solutions

Our story began in 1988 when Darco Inc began creating underground water storage tanks for use in the Colorado Mountains. It wasn’t long after that this specialized method of storing water was patented. The secret is a series of modules that are fastened together into a single monolithic tank. Once the patent was secured, commercial production began in 1994. The next few years yielded more growth as new accessories were introduced to the line of products.

These accessories allowed the tanks to interface with any and all methods of water storage. In 2010, FreeWater Systems LLC was formed to take control of the polyethylene section of Darco, Inc. After relocating to Lakewood, Colorado, we began distributing our tanks all across North America and in the Caribbean.

Our tanks are shipped with all necessary equipment included and the entire package is pre-assembled, offering our customers a turnkey solution for their water storage needs. Here are some examples of our Water Storage Tanks and the accessories we provide for them:


  1. Polyethylene OcTank Module

This represents our patented OcTank technology, fastened modules that form a sturdy and unrelenting tank that can stand the test of time. Here are the features and pricing for this, our flagship tank:

  •      Available in 2,000 gallon increments, ie 2,000 gallons/4,000 gallons/ 6,000 gallons ….
  •      These tank are made from NSF-61 certified, high density, polyethylene resin for use in potable water systems
  •      Comes in a light gray color
  •      Able to be dry buried with no need to add water ballast during backfill
  •      Typical soil cover depth of 36”
  •      Ships with an 800 pound weight per module

Pricing for this tank is $2,600 per 2,000 gallon module, plus freight. When your system arrives on-site, it will be pre-assembled and accompanied by all the required hardware to complete the installation.


  1. Our Complete Rain Capture System

This turnkey solution allows you to capture and store rainwater, a popular method of keeping water constantly available. The system if fully pre-assembled and includes both the capture system and storage tank in one convenient turnkey solution. The features of the system are listed below:

  •      Tank, pump, vent, manway, and filter are all included along with the makeup water valve
  •     Accepts an inflow capacity of 200 gallons per minute
  •      A low level float valve is included for automatic level maintenance, using city or well water
  •      The low level float switch to protect the pump is included
  •      Standard Inlet is a 6” SDR-35 PVC pipe

The price for this system, in a 2,000 gallon configuration, is $4,950 plus freight. A self-sustaining system like this is one of our most popular options as it combines a low price with a complete capture and storage solution. Capturing rainwater and filtering it is a natural and environmentally friendly method of using water provided to us constantly during the year.

We invite you to check out our numerous other accessories and tank options via our website:

When it comes to water tanks, FreeWater Systems offers the best that money can buy. If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to us for a free Design/Quote.