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Precast Concrete Water Tanks Can Be Costly


There are definitely some pros and cons to using precast concrete water tanks. Just as with any underground water tank there can be risks and rewards. It is our goal at Free Water Systems to make sure you are fully informed before you make a purchase which could have a significant impact on how you store your water.

We believe that it is crucial to use a water tank for storage so we do not want to discredit any one particular method. We do however want you to be fully informed about the risks and rewards of all the different types of underground water tanks. Precast concrete water tanks can be costly in the long run, but they have good qualities as well. Read on for more information about these particular types of tanks.


The Advantages and Disadvantages of Precast Concrete Water Tanks

There are several good reasons to have a concrete underground water tank. They are extremely versatile and have the ability to be poured into place or and can be installed underground as well as above ground.

These tanks can be built by a contractor or the owner. Many of the tanks that can be poured into place are very easy on the eyes and can be integrated into the new construction. They can be placed under a patio or driveway so you don’t have to worry about the tank taking up needed space. Concrete has been known to decrease corrosion in rain water by attaching itself to the water.

However, underground concrete tanks have been known to crack and leak especially if they are under clay soil. These can be repaired easily but the tank itself will have to be drained before it can be fixed which can be a serious disadvantage. It is important to note these types of installations and repairs should not be done yourself. Make sure you consult a professional before attempting anything on your own.

Concrete water tanks have a few other minor disadvantages. They have to be built on site because they are extremely heavy to transport. Concrete is made of a porous material which requires a special sealant in order to prevent certain links. The concrete tanks will last a long time and if installed correctly will not require repair very often.


Other Points to Keep In Mind

When choosing a type of water tank material there are some factors that you should keep in mind. They all have advantages and disadvantages and so it depends on your budget and the impact the material has on the environment. When considering the financial aspect of an underground water tank make sure that you remember that is not simply the initial cost you need to worry about. You may also want to consider any repairs or replacements that you might have to make over the upcoming years.

There are other types of material that can be used for underground water tanks:

  •       Steel
  •       Plastic
  •       Fiberglass

At FreeWater Systems we choose to use plastic underground tank material and we believe that they are the best choice. They are easy to transport and are a very economical choice for rain capture or other underground water storage. These tanks keep the water cool, safe, and secure.

As previously mentioned, we hold nothing against precast concrete water tanks we just prefer that our customers know all of the information there is on the different types of tanks. Then they are then able to make an informed decision without any surprises along the way. That is how we do things here at FreeWater Systems.


Why Choose FreeWater Systems?

We can provide you with everything you need to make your ran capture equipment complete and fully functional. FreeWater Systems is one of the best providers in North America for this type of equipment and will provide you with the best quality products and accessories at a reasonable price that you can afford.

You can visit our website and receive a no obligation estimate and also ask any questions that you may have about the process. FreeWater Systems vows to make the installation of your underground water tank as smooth and as easy as possible. Contact us today for your free estimate.



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