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The Purpose of Having Rain Capture Tanks

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Rain Capture Tanks

Rainwater collection has been around for centuries in one form or another. However, in  recent years, with shortages of rainfall and impervious surfaces such as concrete and asphalt roofing products diverting and absorbing water it has become more important to retain this valuable commodity for future use. When there is not enough rainfall our plants and trees suffer and when there is too much rainfall we have flooding and erosion. Rainwater collection can help to mitigate these concerns.

Various methods have been employed to collect and store this essential liquid commodity. Barrels and buckets are commonly used by homeowners as well as larger items such as a plastic children’s swimming pool. However, the water collected in these items needs to be used quickly to avoid creating a breeding ground for mosquitoes. A much better system will be enclosed and eliminate this potential problem. This is where a rain capture tank can come in handy.

Capture Tanks Protect Against Contamination

A rain capture tank is enclosed and does to discourage contaminants and pests from entering the tank. These tanks are an invaluable asset in rainwater harvesting or collection. When using a capture system, contamination from roofs and other surfaces is reduced. A system can also reduce contamination by airborne dust, bird feces and other debris. Additionally, it can help stop run-off which might ultimately have been water lost.

Rainwater capture devices can provide a water supply when there is a drought or water availability is otherwise low. It can also reduce demand on wells which may help ground water levels to be sustained. Rain capture tanks can also help to reduce flooding and reduce erosion when water levels are already high.

Uses For A Rain Capture Tank

The uses of the collected water by rain capture tanks are numerous. Rainwater can be used for irrigating gardens and landscapes when it becomes dry. It is also useful for flushing toilets, washing laundry and using for other cleaning projects that would otherwise take water from a well.

While there are various methods of capturing water, installing a complete rain capture system can ensure that all aspects are covered. A complete system can help ensure that contaminants are reduced and quality improved. A complete rain capture system can include the tank, pump, vent, filter and other necessary components of a complete system. A system will typically include a good inflow capacity (ideally 200 gallons per minute). The system should also include a low level switch to protect the pump and PVC piping and there should be no top interconnection required.

We can contribute to water conservation by limiting the use of water from wells that use energy to be pumped to its source. When using a rain capture tank or system, it can reduce the economic impact of pumping water. By reducing our energy use and using collected rainwater we can contribute to the conservation of water, a precious natural resource.

Benefits of having a rain capture tank or system include:

  • A savings on energy costs
  • Reducing the demand on a current well or other source
  • Eliminating water restrictions if instituted by ones city
  • Capturing the beneficial nutrients contained in rainwater
  • Reducing the need for fertilization when used for irrigation
  • Being secure in the knowledge that rainwater is solvent and chemical free
  • Knowing that one is contributing to water conservation

A rain water capture system is great for the property owner who wants to be secure in the knowledge that he or she is doing their part in conserving water, a valuable natural commodity and being assured that they will have water for various needs upon demand.

FreeWater Systems is your complete provider of rain capture equipment in North America. We provide polyethylene storage tanks and all of the accessories necessary to complete your rain capture and distribution system. FreeWater Systems can help you achieve the optimal solution for your rain capture storage. Contact us today for information and pricing.


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