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Self-sufficient Underground Water Systems


Underground water systems can be used for a variety of applications. They are able to store waste water, rain water, as well as potable water for drinking. These storage systems give many options for underground water storage and is perfect for communities who do not have a utility service of their own or individuals that want to be self-sufficient.

In these particular cases, the water would have to be stored in a water tank system. Underground water tanks are a unique alternative to the traditional above ground water tank. They are extremely self-sufficient and are fairly simply to maintain if you purchase the right type of tank for your needs.

As with any product, there are advantages as well as disadvantages to using an underground water tank. If you continue you to read, you will discover why underground water storage systems are better than the traditional water storage system. Our team at Free Water Systems can offer you the best products and all of the latest information to keep you informed and help you make an easier decision.


What Are Storage Systems Used For?

Underground water systems can be used in many different ways and is the safest way to store water underground. While their primary use is to store water, their greatest benefit is having that water available for any application whether its commercial or residential.

A lot of consumers use them as water reservoirs to provide for irrigation systems. Or for emergency situations such as natural disasters that cause water to be unavailable, with an underground water tank you’ll have a safe and secure source of water.

These underground systems not only help people during emergencies but many professions use them to help them do their jobs. Firefighters use water storage systems to help them in rural or remote areas. Farmers frequently use these types of systems to provide water for their livestock or as reservoirs for crops.


What are some Advantages to Storing Water?

There are so many reasons to take advantage of the many uses that a water storage system has:

  •   Farmers have the ability to keep these water tanks away from their animals and not have to sacrifice farm land for a big water tank.
  •   Underground tanks cannot easily be broken into. In the event that there is an emergency of some kind you’ll know your water is safe.
  •   These storage tanks do not take up any space whatsoever. Many residential  consumers have chosen to use them in driveways or lawns.
  •   When a natural disaster occurs, you’ll have fresh clean and filtered water for you and your family to have access to.


Are There Disadvantages to Storing Water Underground?

As with anything you may purchase, there are some disadvantages to having an underground water system placed. However, in the case of water tanks this depends on the type of tank you get. There are two major type of underground water tanks, there are plastic and concrete tanks. While concrete tanks may cost less to purchase initially they are known for having many maintenance and transportation costs.

For example a concrete tanks lifespan is much shorter than a plastic based tank. A plastic tank can be patched to repair a minor crack. A concrete tank needs to be removed in order for maintenance to be completed. Finally, if your seller does not include transportation to the final job site then it can cost you more than the tank just to transport it due to its weight.


Free Water Systems is the Right Choice!

Free Water Systems began developing new and innovative applications to store water underground. We received a patent for our OcTank module and commercial production began in 1994 and we have the experience and creativity needed to make sure that you are completely satisfied with the finished product. Visit our website and you can find more information and even get a free design quote with no obligation!



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