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Underground Water Storage Systems


Underground water storage systems are used for the storage of waste water, drinking water, and underground rainwater. These storage systems provide water storage options for remote areas that do not have a typical utility service. More often than not, the water is stored in underground water tanks. These tanks are used as a separate alternative to traditional above ground water tanks.

They have many purposes and uses and more advantages than disadvantages. Read on to find out why underground water storage systems are used and what the pros and cons are to using them instead of other common systems. They have more uses than you would think and here at Free Water Systems, we provide only the best quality products and information to help you to make an informed decision.


Storage System Uses

There are many ways that you can use water storage systems underground. They are primarily used for storing the rainwater from harvesting systems. Underground water storage systems also provide a unique way for water to be stored from different sources to use in your household. It is also possible for them to be used for irrigation systems as water reservoirs. These water storage systems also provide a safe way for water to be stored underground for significant periods of time.

Not only can these storage systems be used for household purposes but they can also be used in certain professions. Firefighters have the ability to store water to help them fight fires more efficiently. Farms can also use these storage systems to store water for their livestock. As you can see there are a number of purposes for these types of water storage systems.


Advantages to Using Water Storage Systems

There are just as many advantages to using these types of water storage systems as there are purposes for them.

  •       They do not take up a lot of space and can even be placed in lawns or driveways.
  •       These water storage units are not very attractive to look at, the fact that they can be placed underground is a plus because not only is it saving space but you don’t have to look at it!
  •       If you were to experience a natural disaster your water will be safe underground for when you need it most.
  •       If any kind of emergency or civil unrest occurs, vandals and criminals cannot get to your water because it is safe underground.
  •       If you are a farmer you know that your animals have the ability to damage above ground tanks. Since these systems will be placed underground, your water is safe from any damage your animals my cause.


Disadvantages to Using Water Storage Systems

While there are some disadvantages to using water storage systems for underground purposes, many of these disadvantages can be eliminated by the right company. Here at Free Water Systems, we want nothing more to make sure you are getting exactly what you want, including the best prices. So don’t let these disadvantages fool you, there’s nothing that can’t be accomplished with the right company and product.

  •       In some cases, these systems that run underground can be a bit more expensive due to the construction that is required to make sure they are properly installed.
  •       Installation can be more costly, but it is important to use the right team if you can’t install it yourself.
  •       Pumps are required to extract the water from underground tanks. Again, the key is making sure the right professionals are installing your systems and for the right price.


Why Choose Free Water Systems?

In 1988, we began developing innovative new ways to store water underground. We obtained a patent and from there we began commercial production in 1994. Free Water Systems bring many years of experience to the table by using creativity and experience to insure your complete satisfaction in our products and installation.

Our website provides sample model layouts to give the client a better idea of what goes into underground water tank installation. You can contact us immediately for a free design quote and for more information on the entire process. We want to provide you with the best service imaginable so contact us today.



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