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Why the World Would End Without Rainwater Storage Tanks




When it comes to emergencies, we like to be prepared, but we don’t like to think about them. It’s natural to avoid thinking about such things, but sometimes one must face their fears to truly be ready for any scenario they could come across. Right now as you’re reading this, the world is spinning like usual, and the sun is rising and setting like it always has.

Let’s assume for a moment that we’ve faced some sort of calamity that has left you and your greater area without any source of water. This is about the time you would want a rainwater storage tank. In fact, you should have one right now. You don’t want to be stuck in a scenario like this without one. Read on and you’ll find out why these are an absolute necessity.


Outlining Our Scenario

There are plenty of scenarios where water would become a commodity, and they vary in severity. Let’s imagine that a catastrophe has occurred that has left you without access to your water, and no power to call for help. The roads are out and you’re essentially stuck in your home without any of the basic necessities that we use every day.

Think about how you live for a moment. Most of us are incredibly dependent on things like electricity and water, all of which are delivered to us by the local government or facilities that regulate them. There are times when construction or repairs will bring cause to shut off your water for several hours. We all know how frustrating it is when we can’t access our water for a few hours, but let’s try a few weeks.

Most people aren’t going to have a backup supply of water bottles stashed in their house unless they have a basement or shelter that they keep fully stocked. What happens when the water runs out and you don’t have an underground water tank to provide a backup source? The longer a scenario like this continues, the more precious water becomes. Rainwater collection systems have grown in popularity recently and now is the time to install one of your own, to protect you and your family in the event of an emergency scenario.


Why Choose Rainwater Collection?

In a situation where bottled water has disappeared, city water is cut off, and all other forms of water are possibly contaminated, we can count on natural rainwater as a viable source. An underground rainwater collection tank, combined with a system of capturing it, provides you with a constantly supplied source of water. With a tank full of water to use in an emergency, you will still have it available for things such as:

  •      Flushing Toilets
  •      Washing Clothes
  •      Drinking (provided the water has been adequately filtered)

Having an underground water tank ensures that you are self-sufficient almost any scenario, regardless of how scarce water is, your tank will capture and store any and all rainwater. Here at FreeWater Systems, we have been providing complete rain capture and distribution systems to people all across North America and in the Caribbean.

Our patented OcTank system, combined with our rain capture systems ensures a total storage solution that keeps your home and your family supplied with water at all times, regardless of what’s happening in the world around you.

Although we are fortunate enough to not be stuck in a scenario where water is not currently available, installing a rainwater capture system can benefit you in a number of ways starting today, and if an emergency situation does occur, you are prepared to meet it head on. Besides being environmentally friendly, here are some unique ways you can utilize an underground rainwater collection system:

  •      Mopping floors, cleaning bathrooms, doing dishes, etc.
  •      Washing your cars
  •      Filling pools or engaging in water-based activities

We require water to survive and when you take out all of the technology, pipes, and city controlled facilities, the only thing we have left is the only source of water that has been provided to us since the dawn of time: rain. When all of our technology fails, and the world is in need, you can be prepared and ready to face anything with a backup supply of water that you’ve captured yourself from the most natural source of all.



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